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hot blatino thugz
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In Love with a Thug  $44.95 
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Product Id: #202
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In Love with a Thug
Starring: Eddie Diaz, Everlast, Jai, Kraven Moore, Scott Alexander, Spectacular and Thiago.

IN LOVE begins with heartbreaker Eddie Diaz taking down sexy Latin papi Thiago and ends with gorgeous Scott Alexander taking down Eddie! Everything in between is extra thug icing on the cake! This DVD is rated SUPER XXX!

Running Time: 2 hours 2 minutes

There is always a price to pay when you’re in love with a thug. The question is can your afford it and are you willing to pay it? That’s what Eddie Diaz and Scott Alexander have to figure out!

While it’s obvious from the way that Eddie Diaz takes down Blatino hunk Thiago that he’s attracted to him, Eddie’s mind does wander to thoughts of Scott Alexander even as he rims Thiago in the pool. The sexy bottom cries, “Yes, eat my ass!” and Eddie obliges. After a hot 69 poolside, the duo moves to a more conducive spot in the living room where Eddie can really work his big cock up Thiago’s ass. Thiago doesn’t have to ask Eddie twice to “Fuck me, papi!” Watching Eddie’s superbly muscled body in action as he pounds into Thiago will bring to mind fantasies of super heroes with an exceptional super powers!

Everlast targets Jai in the locker room. He wants a piece of that sweet bubble butt and you know he’s going to get it! Before the two tangle Jai sucks Everlast to a monster erection, then the randy top turns Jai upside down so he can plunge his tongue deep inside the bottom’s tasty butt hole. He quickly follows the trail his tongue has forged with inch after inch of rock hard ebony cock. This is a workout neither will soon forget!

Spectacular spies on Scott Alexander as he strips to shower after a workout. It’s impossible to take his eyes off this super masculine man. Every inch of Scott’s body is perfect! As Scott soaps up, Spectacular joins him in the shower, sinking to his knees to worship Scott’s quickly swelling dick. Scott bends Spectacular over and teases the bottom, “Do you want this big cock up your ass?” You bet Spectacular does! The two fuck fast and furiously, experimenting with numerous positions, until Scott coats his thug boi bottom with an awesome blast of cum! However, when Spectacular suggests they get together again, he interrupts Scott’s daydreams of Eddie Diaz much to Scott’s annoyance!

Kraven Moore has an itch, Everlast has the perfect tool to scratch it even though that itch is buried deep inside Kraven’s insatiable ass! Warming up with passionate kisses, the two thugs soon move on to mouth-watering oral sex. Kraven is an exceptional cocksucker and he brings Everlast to full erection in a matter of seconds. Offering up an ass that begs to be fucked, and fucked hard, Kraven entices Everlast to a new level of excellence! You can call this erotic encounter a true thugporn power fuck!
It’s the end of the day when Eddie Diaz finally arrives home. Scott Alexander sheepishly admits he’s been thinking about him nonstop. Watching these rugged men trade passionate kisses brings the intimacy to a new level and you know you’ve just witnessed something more powerful than simple animal attraction. As the heat in the bedroom reaches the boiling point, Eddie and Scott lavish each other’s cocks with TLC, tongues and mouths working simultaneously. Soon Eddie urges Scott to, “Fuck me. Fuck me hard!” Scott responds, fiercely pounding Eddie’s tight ass until you wonder how the two can control their nut! Harder and harder, deeper and deeper, Scott takes Eddie to new heights of ecstasy. This is undoubtedly one of the hottest scenes we’ve ever filmed. Now that we know what falling in love with a thug is like, we have to experience it no matter what the price!

Tags: outdoors, big dick, kissing, romance
In Love with a Thug
Click to enlarge
In Love with a Thug
Click to enlarge
In Love with a Thug
Click to enlarge
In Love with a Thug
Click to enlarge
In Love with a Thug
Click to enlarge
In Love with a Thug
Click to enlarge
In Love with a Thug
Click to enlarge
In Love with a Thug
Click to enlarge
In Love with a Thug
Click to enlarge
In Love with a Thug
Click to enlarge
In Love with a Thug
Click to enlarge
In Love with a Thug
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